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Southwest Pool Care is a professional pool maintenance company specializing in full weekly service. We believe in using the most effective and safe methods to keep your pool and equipment in the best possible condition, on a schedule that is convenient for you.

Originally located in San Diego, CA, we have an extensive background in the latest advancements in swimming pool automation systems, variable speed pumps, saltwater pools, alternative sanitation methods, and the like. We also understand that the needs of each pool are unique, and every client is different.

Our goal is to provide the pool owners of Tucson with the maintenance and care needed to keep the centerpiece of their backyard looking beautiful. Call any time with questions, or to schedule a free service estimate.

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Our Mission: Transparency

One of the many things that separate us from the competition is our devotion to honesty. Our mission is to make all of our services completely clear to the customer up front, putting transparency and openness above all else. Establishing a reliable, honest line of communication with the homeowner helps to build a positive relationship and strengthens trust. This concept is the driving force behind Southwest Pool Care.

What Sets Us Apart


General liability insurance is an important part of a professional pool service and repair company. Ranging from lost key and lock replacement to pool pop-up coverage, Southwest Pool Care has a $1,000,000 single claim/ $2,000,000 aggregate insurance policy, specifically designed for residential and commercial swimming pools. Although this is considered a mandatory component of pool care, many service and repair companies are not insured and thus put themselves and their clients at great risk.

SPPA General Liability Policy #LA16CGL118627IC


The international standard for commercial pool operation, the CPO certification provides a better understanding of recreational aquatics and a unique qualification for residential pool care. A 2-day training program culminating in a comprehensive exam, the knowledge and experience gained from becoming a Certified Pool Operator is truly beneficial for any pool service technician.


Southwest Pool Care uses specialized tools and equipment, such as a portable pool vacuum system, a service cart for easy transportation of tools to the backyard, and a periodic water analysis using an advanced electronic photometer. This equipment allows us to provide the highest level of pool care in Tucson.

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Phone: 520-965-8899

Email: info@southwestpoolcare.com

Hours: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Mon-Fri

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ROC #332780

Pima County business licence #30719775

SPPA General Liability Policy #LA16CGL118627IC