Weekly Maintenance

Pool Service

Full weekly service is the go-to for most pool owners. It includes all the maintenance needed to keep your pool looking its best while remaining cost-effective. We understand the effort taken by you as the homeowner to build and maintain a safe, peaceful backyard environment. Great care and attention to detail are reflected in all included services, which are:

  1. Clear pool of surface debris
  2. Clean tile as needed
  3. Vacuum floor as needed
  4. Brush pool walls weekly
  5. Empty all baskets and traps weekly or as needed
  6. Full chemical test and balance weekly
  7. Inspect and monitor equipment weekly
  8. Inspect automatic cleaner as needed
  9. Clean salt cell (if equipped) as needed

Highlights of Service

Computerized Water Analysis

Included with weekly service is our 12-point water analysis using an electronic photometer. Readings are taken for your pool and updated to our records every 6 months. This analysis allows us to calculate perfect water balance for your pool, and also tells us what recommendations to include on your annual report (see below).

Algorithm-Based Water Balance

Keeping your pool’s pH and total alkalinity within recommended ranges is not enough to guarantee balanced water. We create a unique profile for each pool using our biannual water analysis, then use a saturation index to find the perfect water chemistry targets. These targets can change drastically depending on the chemistry readings of many different substances present in your pool water, and they also fluctuate based on temperature. Southwest Pool Care is the only full service company in Tucson offering this level of care when it comes to water chemistry.

Mineral Treatment

There are dozens of pool products on the market that make big claims about quick fixes or “miracle” cures. Every pool service company seems to have a different cocktail that works for them, but the one product that educated professionals can agree on is a mineral known as borate. This mineral treatment is actually the same product as the laundry detergent booster with a similar name. Safe and non-toxic in appropriate concentrations, this product acts as a natural water softener, clarifier, and algaecide. In fact, it has many of the same benefits as a salt pool (though it is not a substitute for a saltwater system). Let us know if you’d like to learn more.

Waterline Calcium Treatment

A valuable part of our service package is an annual waterline chemical treatment. While this treatment will not remove years of scale buildup like a professional cleaning will, it is an excellent preventative and it can lighten or remove mild calcium scale. This treatment works especially well for pools with an auto fill, as the water level is always kept at exactly the same level which promotes more calcium scaling on the waterline. We simply adjust the auto fill to a slightly higher fill level so the affected area is underwater, and then add a calcium scale removal product. After letting it work for several weeks, light calcium scaling can often be cleaned off entirely. The water level is then lowered back down, leaving your pool tile looking like new. Hire Southwest Pool Care to avoid or reduce costly tile cleaning services!

Annual Reports

This feature is a client favorite. Each year, a full report is written up for your pool. This report details everything from the water analysis to the surface finish to the condition of your pool equipment. If it’s part of the pool system, we’ll let you know how it’s holding up. This is also a great time to inform you of any impending repairs or problems with the system, and an estimate of when they’ll need to be addressed.

$215 Per Month

This price includes all routine chemical treatments

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